Anonymous said: How many slices of pizza could you eat in an hour. Bonus Question: Favorite dinosaur and why?

Idk. Six? 

Pterodactyls are pretty good, but I might have a soft spot for them because of Ducky from “Land Before Time.”

directordylan said: You writing for vulture is so awesome. You doin it big bruh

That’s so nice to hear!

Max and Allison are a funny team.

"Look, who hasn’t been kicked out of a threesome?"

Anonymous said: you're one of my idols, gaby dunn!!!



Anonymous said: How do I get a follow from you?

Not be anon?

Anonymous said: Have often do guys tell you that they are crushing on you?

Not as often as they tell me to shut up, or that my hair sucks.

Anonymous said: hey gaby you look so gorgeous. i love seeing you in buzzfeed videos on youtube. peace out

Do you like seeing my comedy or just…me….

newnamelater said: As a comedian do you build up a tolerance to bombing, or should I install a bench in my shower? For crying.

I think you gain confidence and learn how to not let it affect you so personally. Maybe that audience sucked. Maybe you just need to tweak some stuff. It’s all learning, man. You’re gonna be okay.

My second recap is up! Yay!!!!! This show has been great!