About Me

Hi! I am Gaby Dunn. I am a writer, journalist, and comedian living in Los Angeles.

I am currently writing sketches for a reboot of SNICK for Nickelodeon, and I created a “science show for girls” for Nickelodeon Creative Labs. I also write and perform in sketches for Buzzfeed Video.

My writing has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine, The Boston Globe, Playboy, Refinery 29, Vulture, Thought Catalog and on NPR’s On The Media, Mashable, Glamour, xoJane, Salon, Slate, ROOKIE, Jezebel and ABC’s Nightline. I am also the author of the Thought Catalog e-book Maybe In Another Universe, had a well-reviewed essay in this book, The Jewish Daughter Diaries, and have interned at The Daily Show and at Elementary on CBS.

I am also working on a novel about my dad’s family tentatively titled “The White Marriage,” and other long-term writing projects. I have written both comedy half-hour and sci-fi/horror hour-long television pilots. My comedy partner Allison Raskin and I make a weekly terrible dating advice show called Just Between Us for a forthcoming multi-channel YouTube network.

I’m on Twitter as @gabydunn, Instagram @gabyroad, and Soundcloud gaby-dunn. If you are Jesse Eisenberg, feel free to call.

Agent: Noah Jones; The Gersh Agency 310 205 5834 njones@gershla.com

Manager: Vincent Nastri; Bleecker Street Entertainment 212 792 9520 vincent@bstreete.com