Anonymous said: (fyi the gf question wasn't about the fact that the person was a girl it was just that there was a person u were in a relationship w/) (also i 100% agree with honey booboo. I like to counteract heteronormativity by assuming everyone I meet is queer) (good night and sweet dreams)

Complicated question, anon.

Anonymous said: you look like you're having way too much fun in the geek guys video (evil villain laughing) mwa ha ha

Misandry is a gas.

Photo by Kristen Mortenson

Photo by Kristen Mortenson




I got some gabydunn on my dash!


Oh wow, there’s an anti-feminist side of Tumblr? But this is….Tumblr….

Anonymous said: What did you do last night

ur mom

Anonymous said: How do you talk to your parents about the celebrity hacking in a way that doesn't make it obvious that you have sent naked photos over the internet before?

I’d say use a metaphor that isn’t the internet — put the focus on the hacker and how he committed a crime because he felt entitled to women’s bodies. Now take that into the physical world:

For example, some of these women have posed for provocative photo shoots before or done nude scenes in movies, so what is specifically titillating about these pictures? The non-consent. The idea that they were private and stolen and that the women DID not want them seen. They chose (as is their right) who to send them to. They did not consent to everyone seeing them. If someone has sex once, do they consent to have sex with anyone who ever asks for the rest of time?

Tell them the idea that men are thrilled by taking away the agency of these women and that they feel they are “owed” sex and women’s sexuality is a gateway to rape and at the very least a great example of rape culture. Maybe parents have a hard time understanding internet stuff, so try to show how it manifests in the world around us.

hothotpot said: Haters be like "bwubwubwu mean woman says things that twu but hurt ma fweewings bwubwubwu"

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